Scott Lankton’s Resume

Scott M. Lankton
5975 S. Lime Lake Rd.
Cedar, Michigan

BORN: 3-08-1956 Midland, Michigan
EDUCATION: 1978 B.F.A. Jewelry/Metalsmithing, Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo, MI.
1985 1985 Apprenticeship under Manfred Bredohl.
Diploma, International Teaching Center for Metal Design.
Aachen, Germany.
WORKSHOPS: 1983 Japanese Swordsmithing with Yoshindo Yoshihara, College of Marin, CA.
1984 Japanese Swordsmithing with Yoshindo Yoshihara, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX.
1986 Gate building with Francis Whitaker, Dayton, OH.
1987 Sculpture with Manfred Bredohl, University of Michigan, School of Art and Architecture, Ann Arbor, MI.
TEACHING: 1991 Instructor, Pattern welding and bladesmithing. Peter’s Valley Craft Center. Layton, NJ.
1992 Demonstrator, International ABANA Conference,
San Luis Obispo, CA.
1994 Advanced Pattern Welding, Penland School of Crafts,
Penland, NC.
1994 Demonstrator, Quad State Conference,
Tipp City, Ohio
1997 Instructor, Bladesmithing, National ornamental Metals Museum,
Memphis, TN.
1998 1998 Demonstrator, ABANA Conference,
Asheville, NC.
1999 Instructor, Blacksmithing, Penland School of Crafts,
Penland, NC
1999 Instructor, Damascus Steel, Peter’s Valley Center for Crafts,
Layton, NJ.
1999 Demonstrator, Forging on the River, National Ornamental Metals Museum, Memphis, TN.
1999 Demonstrator, SOFA Conference,
Troy, OH.
1999 Demonstrator, California Blacksmiths’ Octoberfest,
Fort Ross, CA.
2000 USA Presenter, Demonstrator, FERRO 2000, World Congress of Blacksmiths, Cloppenburg, Germany.
2002 Instructor, Iron, Penland School of Crafts,
Penland, NC.
2003 Instructor, Peter’s Valley Center for Crafts,
Layton, NJ.
2004 2004 Instructor, Smartshop,
Kalamazoo, MI.
2005 FERRO 2005, World Congress of Blacksmiths,  Peace Project, Forging a Tank into a sculpture to benefit UNICEF/Schools in Africa Project.
Vechta, Germany.
2005 Demonstrator, Rocky Mountain Smiths Conference,
Carbondale, CO.
2005 Riverfront Sculpture Workshop, for the City of Kalamazoo. @Smartshop.
Kalamazoo, MI.
2005 Forging Peace, with Holly Fisher and Pekka Lappalainan, @Smartshop, Kalamazoo, MI.
2000-2014 Annual Instructor, Artistic Smithing, Tiller’s International,
Kalamazoo, MI.
AFFILIATIONS: The Knifemaker’s Guild, retired.
Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association, Past president.
ABANA, Artist Blacksmith Association of North America, 25 year member, nine years on the Board of Directors, four years as Vice President, seven as Chair of Finance Committee, and Past President.
National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN.
Tiller’s International, Member and Instructor. Kalamazoo, MI.
EXHIBITIONS: 1982 Metalsmithing, The Michigan Influence, Ford Gallery, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI.
1984 Knives for a Mythical Hunt, Balene’s Gallery,
Houston, TX.
1984 Contemporary Ironwork, Louisville Art Gallery,
Louisville, KY.
1984 The Knifemaker’s Art, Edward H. Merrin Gallery,
New York, NY.
1987 MABA Exhibition, Slusser gallery, University of Michigan School of Art,
Ann Arbor, MI.
1993 The American Art Knife, National Ornamental Metals Museum,
Memphis, TN.
1997 Contemporary Blacksmithing, Artspace,
Lima, OH.
1998 Garden Show, American Craft Gallery,
Cleveland, OH.
1999 Scott Lankton, Swords into Ploughshares Peace Gallery,
Detroit, MI.
2001 Contemporary ironwork, Brookfield Craft Center
Brookfield, CT.
1982-2004 2004 ABANA Conference Exhibitions
2004-2005 Iron, A New Vocabulary, Traveling Exhibition, Curated by the Penland Gallery, Penland, NC traveling to Winthrop University Galleries, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC. and Deland Museum of Art, Deland FL.
2005 2005 Past, Present, Future. Center for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI.
2006 Metalize Invitational. Detroit Artist’s Market Detroit, MI
2007 2007 The Forge, Invitational. Midland Center for the Arts,
Midland, MI.
COLLECTIONS: 1989 The British Museum, Sutton Hoo Sword Replication,
London, UK
1999 1999 Michael Assairian Cancer Center, Providence Hospital, Meditation Space Sculpture, Novi, MI.
1986-2015 Numerous private collections
PUBLICATIONS: 1984 “Points of Interest” by Jim Weyer, Book one.
1985 “Custom Knifemaking” by Tim McWright
1987 “Points of Interest” by Jim Weyer, Book two.
1989 “Metalsmith Magazine”, A Reproduction of the Sutton Hoo Sword” by Scott Lankton
1996 “Blade Magazine”, Doctor Damascus” October.
1999 “Beating Guns into Art,” Ann Arbor News, 4-20-99
1999 “Armed with Art” the Detroit Free Press, 4-29-99
1999 “Forging Guns for Peace” CBS Evening News
1999 “Guns into Art”, Backstage Pass, PBS channel 56 Television,
Detroit, MI.
2000 “The Contemporary Blacksmith”, by Dona Meilach, Schiffer Publishing.
2002 2002 “Architectural Ironwork”, by Dona Meilach,
Schiffer Publishing
1984-2008 “The Anvil’s Ring”, a publication of ABANA. Various photos and articles.
Artist’s Statement

My architectural metalwork, much of which is a site-specific, attempt to enhance the experience of everyday living through the combination of utility and beauty.The spontaneity of forging hot iron continues to delight me, as does the strength and integrity of this medium.I am fascinated by the duality of beauty and danger that life combines, and I hope that through my work, the lives of others will be made a bit more beautiful and enjoyable. My recent work on projects against violence and war have allowed me to see how easy it is to fight and destroy and how much harder it is to work peacefully and create. The hard way is easy enough. Scott Lankton has been a studio artist for fourty-two years. He currently maintains his studio in Cedar, Michigan.